The Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne

TGA Consulting Engineers LLP have undertaken a number of projects for Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust within the Freeman Hospital. Recent Examples include:

Cardio Theatres

Refurbishment of 4No. Operating Rooms within the Cardiothoracic Centre. Main air distribution plant, data, power, lighting, IPS/UPS equipment, specialist gases, plumbing and waste systems replacement. The works were phased on a theatre by theatre basis to reduce the impact of losing important operating facilities.

Adult ITU

Refurbishment of the Adult Intensive Treatment Unit, which supports the Cardio treatment centre. The works include supply and extract ventilation modifications and also power, medical gases and data adjustments to suit the requirements of the new Draeger medical pendants. Additional switchable ventilation (positive and negative pressure switching) to patient isolation cubicles

Safe & Sustainable

Major modification of the Cardiothoracic Centre to provide increased bed space and improve existing facilities. Includes a new extension, complete ward refurbishment and creation of a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Complete building services replacement including ventilation, and cooling central plant, data, power, IPS/UPS equipment, specialist gases, plumbing and waste systems.

Cardio Chillers

Provision of new absorption chillers rated at 1.5MW, dedicated to the Cardio centre with a physical link to the remainder of the hospital as a standby facility. The absorption chillers are served by waste heat from the central CHP system operating on a tri-generation principle. The project includes a new roof top plant room, external adiabatic coolers, circulation pumps and MTHW to LTHW plate heat exchangers.