General Work

During this period we have delivered over 250 projects ranging from the refurbishment of back of house facilities, the ongoing development of mechanical and electrical services infrastructure systems to major individual and multi-gallery developments in the public areas of the Museum.

The British Museum is the United Kingdom’s top visitor attraction with almost 6m people a year passing through its’ doors. It has 94 galleries in over 75,000m2 of floor space and a collection of more than 8 million objects ranging from jewellery to mummies and covering most of the civilisations of the world.

TGA have been continuously engaged in project work on the site and utilise resources from all of our offices to do so. We are currently working on a number of projects associated with the development of site wide fire detection systems in our Stevenage and London offices, whilst we are resourcing major gallery refurbishment projects for the new £12m Islamic Galleries project, the refurbishment of the Ho-Tung Gallery and the 90 series galleries by using wider resources primarily based in Durham and Newcastle, but supported from London and Stevenage.

Projects at the British Museum characteristically involve multiple Client Stakeholders including the Estates Department, Gallery Curators, Security, Marketing, Conservation and the Directorate.

Our engineers thus need to be able to communicate effectively in order to draw out effective briefing and to communicate back the implications of servicing requests which are made, sometimes not from a fully informed position.

We achieve this by using engineers who are highly experienced at working in such buildings and by maintaining a consistent and compact client interface between our team and the wider Client, Design and Construction Team members.