Barking Town Centre Health Clinic

The primary function of the development is a family health clinic which occupies the ground, first and second floors of the building. The third and fourth floors of the building provide 22 residential apartments.

In accordance with the planning policy at the time, it was agreed that the building would generate 20% of the site heating needs from renewable energy sources. In order to meet this target, a biomass boiler system with back up gas fired boilers was designed. TGA’s experience of similar projects was vital to minimise difficulties that would otherwise have been encountered, particularly given the busy town centre location of the site.

A blown fuel delivery strategy was developed with an internal pellet store which served the biomass boiler via feed augers. Energy generated by the biomass boiler served the health clinic and he residential parts of the development, the latter being delivered by heat interface units in each dwelling.
In addition to meeting a renewables content target, particular emphasis was placed on ensuring that the development was not susceptible to overheating during summer months. This led to TGA being instructed to conduct an extensive overheating assessment of the development. Using Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) Virtual Environment suite, an integrated data model was generated which enabled the performance of the building to be assessed.
Following the analysis, a strategy was implemented to maintain comfort throughout the building by tempering the supply air from the central plant and increasing ventilation rates to failing rooms.