Building Information Modelling

TGA Consulting Engineers LLP have invested significantly in the development of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and are at the forefront of MEP design.

The internal processes put in place by TGA since adopting a BIM approach to projects follows the principles of PAS1192.

However, following the UK’S decision to move from BIM Level 2 as a national standard to international standards, TGA, have previously been accredited to PAS1192 via the UK Accreditation Service, are still fully committed to the fundamental principles of PAS1192 that flow through the new ISO standards of 19650.

The introduction of new international standards (BS EN ISO 19650-2) have superseded BS1192 and PAS1192-2.

BIM Technical Solutions:

TGA Consulting Engineers have developed a dedicated organisation to provide Building Information Modelling for the MEP sector. BIMTS specialise in developing design information (produced ‘in-house’ by TGA or by other MEP Consultants) up to Coordinated Working Drawings, Installation Drawings and As Built Drawings. Working alongside TGA Consulting Engineers on many BIM and general 3D coordination projects, BIMTS have developed a vast range of experience and expertise in the 3D environment, either following a full BIM route to Level 2 or a more straightforward approach. BIMTS also have a strength in the production and understanding of the ‘I’ in BIM, which is paramount to any BIM project and is an essential, often misunderstood aspect of typical Employers or Asset Information Requirements.

Through TGA’s engineering expertise and the ‘BIM-specific’ approach to MEP information development by BIMTS, TGA provide and all-round solution for any 3D design project. Please see BIM Technical Solutions website for further information.

Accreditation was achieved by TGA following a 4 stage process, with all aspects of TGA’s systems and processes being developed, reviewed and updated to suit the rigorous requirements of PAS1192. Backed by UKAS (UK Accreditation Service) the accreditation to Level 2 was implemented throughout the business, with TGA’s internal QMS being adapted to align with the ‘BIM approach’.

Since the move from the PAS1192 suite of documents to ISO19650, TGA no longer have accreditation, however, the fundaments of PAS1192 and now ISO19650, remain a major aspect of TGA’s organisational approach to management. 

Ongoing internal development and an ever growing portfolio of BIM projects, ensure that TGA are constantly improving and moving forward in the world of BIM.

Recent and ongoing experience includes a number of interesting and challenging projects, see below for an overview of projects.

Newcastle University LTC
Duties : Stage 4 and 5 Design
Software : Revit 2018
Team : Sheppard Robson, Arup, Sir Robert McAlpine & Intergral
Value : £35m (Construction)



Newcastle University Sports Centre
Duties : Stage 4 & 5 Design
Software: Revit 2018
Team : Ryder Architects, Cundall, Clugston & Integral


Sunderland Emergency Department
Duties : MEP Design & Coordination
Software : Revit 2015
Team : P&HS Architects
Value : £12m (M&E)


TRW Automotive (New Build)
Duties : BIM Lead / MEP Design
BIM Requirements : Level 2
Software: Revit 2014, Naviswork Manager
Team : Napper Architects, Turner & Townsend
Value : £4m (Construction)

South Durham UTC
Duties : MEP Design
Software : Revit 2015
Team : Ryder Architects
Value : £6m (Construction)


Cleveland Fire Headquarters
Duties: BIM Design
BIM Requirements: Level 2
Software: Revit 2015
Team: Bond Bryan Architects
Value  £1.5m (M&E)



Cleveland Fire Headquarters Technical Hub
Duties: MEP Design
BIM Requirements: Level 1
Software: Revit 2015
Team: Bond Bryan Architects
Value £0.5m (M&E)



Brunel University Wilfred Brown Building
Duties: MEP Design
BIM Requirements:Level 2
Software: Revit 2015
Team: Shepherd Robson Architects

Darlington Growth Hub
Duties: MEP Design
BIM Requirements:Level 2
Software: Revit 2014
Value £0.5m (M&E)



Dudley House
Duties: MEP Design & C0-ordination
Software: Revit 2015
Team: Willmott Dixon, CGL Architects and Structa LLP C&S
Value: £9m (M&E)