Brunel University – Gaskell and Halsbury

This project has many similarities those on which we worked at UCL, particularly within the Medical Sciences and Anatomy Building, in which departments moved around the building as various areas were refurbished between 2005 and 2010.

The Phychology Department is located on the 3rd floor of Halsbury with research areas, offices, lecture and seminar rooms.  The adaptation of services was complicated and there were long term issues with air quality and overheating.

Our wider site knowledge allowed us to implement other long term strategies, for example relating to the design of domestic services installations where we able to incorporate the findings of a strategic study on which we were working.
In Gaskell the existing accommodation was generally seminar rooms and small office spaces, but the new department wanted larger seminar rooms, group meeting spaces and a teaching laboratory.  Challenges were faced and overcome throughout the building including the need to retain aging services to meet budgetary constraints and the provision of a new fume extract system from the teaching laboratory.

Overall contract value was ~£4m. The project is currently on hold pending VE to reduce overall cost.
Similarities with potential UCL projects are the nature and use of the spaces, adaptation of existing services, conversion of areas and partial refurbishment.

Key skills provided by TGA include our ability to critically appraise the suitability of existing engineering services installations, extending and adapting services as appropriate whilst integrating new installations and implementing long term maintenance plans.