This has developed into a series of annual Stock Condition Works projects which are currently still in progress,
The process started with TGA undertaking a range of detailed site wide investigations through a team of engineers.

The project has subsequently run in a series of annual phases picking up a range of works to rectify backlog maintenance issues or address known deficiencies or else to improve elements of the site wide building engineering series and associated engineering infrastructure across the University’s estate.

Works have been undertaken in numerous buildings across the campus, generally whilst the buildings in question were occupied and in use.

A key success of the projects has been the development of standardised site wide services strategies which are now being implemented across Brunel’s Estate.

Over the last 5 years we have undertaken projects which have addressed issues including new circulation route lighting systems with enhanced controls and high efficacy LED light sources, enhancements to emergency lighting systems, replacement of primary electrical infrastructure, installation of new lightning protection systems, upgrades of the site wide BMS control system, replacement and overhaul of significant mechanical plant, installation of point of use water heaters, replacement of motor control panels, investigations and upgrades of ventilation systems and modifications and enhancements to existing heating systems