Cape Sierra Villa Estate Residences

The first phase includes the construction of a new Hilton Hotel, amenity facilities and central utilities compound. The site is located at the tip of Lumley Beach on the North West corner of Sierra Leone with direct adjacency to the Atlantic Ocean.

The site is self contained with on-site energy generation and processing of all services.  These include tri-generation plant for the provision of electricity, thermal energy and cooling energy as well as a tri-process approach to domestic water provision with the processing of sea water, recycling of grey water, and processing of black water before discharge.

All resources are scarce in the region, particularly water.  Reduction in demand through the use of recycling is essential from a sustainability perspective.

The main building will be constructed with four key parts.  These are the Hilton Long Stay Suites, the Clubhouse and leisure facilities, back of house areas and an office block incorporating a medical centre.  The main building houses all services which interface with the sitewide infrastructure and then serve the individual parts of the development.
The development also includes the construction of 10 detached, sea facing villas, which connect into the services within the main building to balance and diversify energy generation and use.

Tri-generation forms the basis of the low energy strategy but this will be supplemented by solar thermal technology to harness the significant solar energy available throughout the year and help meet the hot water demands of the development.

A complex network of electrical and communications systems will be provided to extend the services from the main hotel to the Long Stay Suites with head end installations with fibre optic interconnection.