Durham University Music Department

The Music Department works included the servicing of a fully functional music recording facility and supporting music practice rooms. The Post Graduate study rooms included fully IT serviced multi-study spaces.

The electrical services installation included the replacement of incoming electrical supply to 50 North Bailey to support the additional load associated with the Recording Studio and Post Graduate services. Existing distribution, general and emergency lighting, small and fixed power, IT structured cabling network and access control services were replaced.

Mechanically the existing boiler plant was retained with the distribution and radiator services replaced. Domestic water services were replaced to suit the revised WC and kitchen facilities. DX / heat pump systems were installed to serve heating / cooling to the live and recording rooms of the recording studio and the IT server rooms. Ducted ventilation systems with heat recovery facility were installed to provide ventilation to the music practice rooms and a number of the faculty offices / meeting rooms.

Many of the issues which arose during the construction phase only came to light when the building structure and fabric itself was being opened up, as so often happens in buildings of this type.

The ability of consultants to attend site promptly and to then develop appropriate solutions is thus valuable in such buildings.