High Quality Residential Properties - Northamptonshire

Designed by James Gorst Architects, the development includes a centre piece mansion house constructed around a courtyard which looks back to adjacent classic car accommodation, staff accommodation and farm office buildings. A central boiler house uses a biomass boiler powered by fuel derived from the farm and provides energy to all of the buildings on the main site.

The floor area of the main house was 2,818m2. A fully integrated automatic controls system was provided to control the engineering services installations.  This was integrated with an extensive home automation system that used Crestron and Lutron technology to provide full control of lighting, scene setting, ventilation, openings, blinds, curtains and audio visual installations.

Facilities within the main house included an advanced cinema installations in the world within a dedicated basement theatre, swimming pool and spa, gymnasium, tatami room, library, games room, snooker room, dance hall, staff quarters and other general living facilities.

Basement areas were ventilated using low energy heat recovery units connected to earth tubes which precool or preheat supply air, depending upon season.  A central stack is used to promote buoyancy driven ventilation throughout the house.  An automated high level opening, again controlled by the home automation system, controls airflow and temperature.

Sustainability was a key element of the project.  Locally sourced stone was used to clad the building, recycled glass insulation manufactured by Foamglas provided high thermal performance with low embodied energy.  Extremely high performance glazing was used, selected to specifically reduce solar gain on southern and western facades and maximise passive solar heating in other areas.