Medspan Refurbishments Newcastle University

TGA Consulting Engineers LLP  were employed by Newcastle University to carry out the full Mechanical and Electrical Services Design of both the Medspan 1 and Medspan 2 Projects.


The overall project value for Medspan 1 was approximately £8.5m with the M&E elements comprising approximately £4m. The total value of Medspan 2 was approximately £1.5m with M&E services around £680k.

The project consisted of 28 individual sub projects across all levels of the Cookson and Leech Buildings and the overhaul of the ventilation system main air handling units located in the roof top plantroom of Cookson Building and the two roof top plantrooms of the Leech Building.

The individual sub projects consisted of the refurbishment of general and circulation areas, offices, laboratories, autoclave rooms etc. and the re-modeling of a large number of the Tissue Culture Laboratories, Teaching and Research Laboratories, CAT 3 Laboratories, mass spectrometer facilities and constant temperature rooms.

Due to the number and complexity of the sub projects a detailed contract programme was developed to coordinate the movement of departments, temporary relocation of facilities etc. to minimize the disruption to adjacent departments and facilities that were required to be maintained in full operation throughout the program of works.  Despite the size and complexity of the works, the overall project was completed on programme and within budget.