Newcastle City Baths

Fusion specialise in taking over dilapidated former public pools refurbishing them to offer modern gymnasia and swimming facilities whilst restoring the fine architectural spaces and features. As such, many of their sites are in city centre locations and in historic buildings of local importance.

Newcastle City Baths falls into this category. It is a 1928 Grade II Listed Structure which was closed in 2013 containing two swimming pools as well as Turkish Baths. The building shares common engineering services with the City Hall performance venue, located in the same structure. This facility is still in use.

TGA have designed new M&E services as well as specialist pool and water treatment, Turkish baths and spa services to enable the City Baths to be decoupled from City Hall and to allow one pool and the Turkish Baths to be brought back into use.

A new health and fitness facility will be constructed within the second pool so as to allow the pool tank structure to be retained with two levels of fitness studios. A new café will also be provided.

Access into all levels of the building for less ambulant visitors us to be improved by the installation of a new lift.

The £5m project has been fully designed and is scheduled to commence on site in early 2017 completing in 2018.