Newcastle University – Music Building

The Music Building is located on a tightly constrained site in the heart of the central Newcastle Campus which imposed additional limitations of the design team.

The project was completed in 2007 at a cost of £1.1M and provides full recording studio facilities including recording equipment, sound capture wiring etc. It has 8 No music  practice rooms for individuals and small groups, each linked to the recording studio for remote recording purposes.

There is a large performance space for practice and live performances,. Again this room is linked to the recording studio for remote recording purposes.

The building also incorporates teaching spaces and associated office accommodation.

The recording studio, practice rooms and performance spaces were all sound proofed to control external noise entering the spaces and noise transfer between adjacent spaces. When developing the services design along with the building structure, plant spaces etc the avoidance of sound (noise) generated by the plant being transmitted through the structure and ductwork etc into the sensitive areas needed carefully consideration.

To avoid transmission through the structure the main plant, ductwork etc was isolated from the structure by resilient mounting arrangements. To prevent transmission through ductwork sound attenuation was installed at key positions on the ductwork system.