Office Premises, Portmill Lane Hitchin

This project was for a complete refurbishment of an existing 3 story premises which has partially listed building status and was originally two houses built in 1780s with subsequent extensions added on over the period of time until present and subsequentlyconverted into office facilities.

TGA’s duties included feasibility study, survey full services design and issuing for tender purposes. Duties also included liaising with design team, arranging for quotations and details from statutory utility companies and some site visits during the early stages of the general building works on site.

Some examples of the mechanical works included:

  • The installation of a new heating system including column and panel type radiators with mild steel pipe work generally concealed within floor voids, floor ducts and risers. Radiators complete with thermostatic radiator valves on flow connections and lock-shield type on return connections. Installations included all required isolating valves, drain valves and commissioning sets. All heating pipe work was provided with suitable thermal insulation.
  • The installation of new water services to serve kitchen and toilet areas. A new water main was derived from the existing water meter in the pavement to the building. Domestic hot water to breakout areas, toilets and shower were provided from domestic hot water cylinder with secondary return pump, valves and ancillaries located within the boiler room.
  • New local ventilation fans and associated ductwork systems were installed to serve the toilets, shower areas, breakout areas and internal occupancy areas.
  • New automatic controls including control panel was installed to control the functions of the heating system, domestic hot water generation, ventilation systems, VRF air conditioning system including interfaces to heating systems, twin split air conditioning systems, Comms room duty and standby cooling systems, sump pump and ancillaries.