Recent Promotions at TGA!

The Directors are delighted to announce that there were a number of promotions that came into effect this October, which are a very positive step for TGA as a whole. They include:

Stephen Weddle promotion to Technical Director of BIMTS
Stephen has been a major factor in putting TGA at the forefront of Revit and BIM, which has resulted in a major increase in TGA’s ability to win and deliver Revit and BIM projects.

Stephen Hargreaves promotion to Senior Engineer
Stephen has worked tremendously well since joining TGA to develop his skills as part of the TGA team and quickly developed into a key member of the team. Steve has shown great focus and determination to progress his career with TGA.

Luke Collins promotion to Revit Technician
Luke continues to impress those around him with his dedication and commitment to getting things done. Luke will be a major factor in the BIMTS team moving forward and will be instrumental in the development of our Revit capabilities across all offices.

Scott Osborne promotion to Senior Engineer
Scott has worked hard during his time at TGA and has continually developed his skills on a variety of projects with differing levels of complexity. Scott is a great asset to the team and an engineer who can lead and deliver a wide range of projects.

Lee Langford promotion to Associate
Lee has been a tremendous example to others since re-joining TGA and has been a key driver in inter-office communication. Lee has also been a leading figure in the development of Newcastle as an Engineering base for TGA.

Matt Cole promotion to Associate
Matt has continued to demonstrate his strengths in delivering projects of all sizes and through all stages of design and construction. Matt is a crucial member of the TGA team and has been instrumental in improving communication and resource sharing between offices.