St Mary's Church

The Church was previously heated via an oil fired boiler with a remote oil storage facility. The pipework associated with this was suspected to be leaking, potentially causing contamination of the ground at this important historic site.

TGA initially undertook a detailed site survey and prepared a feasibility study which evaluated the current provisions including their associated energy demands and carbon emissions, before exploring a series of possible options for new installations.

Our study options included a new LPG only heating energy source as well as a range of hybrid solutions in which LPG boiler plant would work in conjunction with air source or ground source heat pump systems. The latter options included both horizontal and deep bore vertical collector arrays as well as a range of size options.

The recommended option included a wall mounted LPG boiler with new controls, pumps, pressurisation system complete with remote wireless RH/Temp sensors.

The system was designed to maintain 12 deg C to assist with the “health” of the Organ. This has now been designed in detail for implementation later in 2017.

Remodelling of the internal pipe work and heat emitter system is proposed as the next phase of the project.