St Patrick’s Church

Our Client is initially looking to replace the existing, aging lighting installations both internally and externally, as well as providing access to electrical power within various parts of the historic building which do not currently have this facility.

We have undertaken a survey of the existing installations and the building itself in order to understand the potential opportunities that it offers in terms of routing and accommodating new engineering services whilst minimising damage to the historic fabric and not detracting from it’s undoubted aesthetic qualities.

We have prepared feasibility level options for discussion with the Church Architect and the Client Team which will then be worked into a full feasibility study with budget cost estimates.

Our study includes a review of the existing heating system in terms of how heat is generated, how it is delivered to the occupied spaces and how it is controlled. This is intended to identify potential means by which improvements by sensitively made to the performance of the building envelope as well as to the heating installation itself with a view to saving energy, reducing carbon emissions and enhancing visitor comfort.

An initial project has now been completed to replace electrical services infrastructure wiring.