William Hill, Greenside House

As well as TGA’s duties, works also included for site inspection and production of outstanding works/defects lists at the end of the project and review and commenting on contractor’s operating and maintenance manuals and as installed drawings. TGA also assisted regarding reviewing the contractor’s final account.
All works have been undertaken within an operational building where disruption has been kept to a minimum and provision of suitable engineering services has been maintained.

Comfort cooling and heating within the office areas was originally provided by 4 pipe ceiling void mounted fan coil units with chilled water medium provided from two chiller units located within the ground floor carpark and heating medium provided form boiler plant in roof top plant room. The heating boilers also provide LPHW medium to corridor and stairwell panel radiators, domestic hot was cylinder and air handling unit heater batteries. Gradually the existing fan coil units where replaced in a phased manner by new dedicated VRF condensing units serving each floor level and mounted at roof level within a screened roof plant area.

Fresh air and extract in the offices spaces is provided by two thermal wheel heat recovery type air handling units located on the roof serving the West and North Wings accordingly. These provide ducted supply air to the return air path of each VRF fan coil unit with common ducted extract points in each wing on each floor. The central core toilet areas on each floor are provided with extract ventilation served by a ducted twin duty and stand-by extract fan located within the roof top plant rooms. These areas where also refurbished in a phased manner.

The original boiler plant, domestic hot water cylinders, water tanks, pumps, valves and ancillaries within the roof top boiler room are still being kept in operation and may be replaced in a future project. The original stair well radiators and convectors also have been retained.