Yorkshire’s Maritime City Project

The project includes a complete refurbishment of Hull Maritime Museum, the adjacent Dock Office Chambers building, the construction of a new visitor centre at the North End Ship Yard and the refurbishment of the Queens Gardens public park, formerly the Queens Dock.

The refurbishment of the Grade 1 Listed Maritime Museum includes the creating of a new atrium in an existing lightwell and the conversion of a significant number of spaces used for artefact storage into public galleries, with the artefacts being relocated in new facilities in the Dock Office Chambers building.

Exhibition facilities include galleries in which environmental conditions are controlled to enable sensitive artefacts to be safely displayed, both from the Museum’s own collections and those on loan from other major museums.

At the North End Ship Yard an existing dry dock is being refurbished and will be used to exhibit the Artic Corsair, an historic trawler, whilst a new two storey building will enable visitors to see over the ship from panoramic windows and to access it at deck level. The building will also incorporate flexible exhibition facilities and virtual reality displays enabling all visitors to see inaccessible parts of the trawler.