Birdoswald Roman Fort Visitor Centre

The Project consisted the remodelling of the existing Exhibition space to remove the mezzanine level in order to enable the recreation of a life size gateway of old. The areas which had formerly been the shop and Café became an education space, the space which had formerly been the education space became a new fully functioning catering café.

A new glazed link reception area was created to house the main shop and membership area as an infill of existing courtyard between the original plant space and what had been a store, the store area was opened up to link into the exhibition space to improve the flow through the museum space from entering the new shop, through the exhibition space and out towards the main Fort ruins.

The mechanical systems included new main trenched pipework to link all buildings back to the main plantroom with new fully insulated pipework serving new Fan convector heating to the exhibition and retail areas with a wet heating system to the café and education rooms.

Electrically the lighting was designed to highlight the listed architecture of the rafters within each space and also both the exhibition displays as well as the retail displays while also providing adequate background lighting throughout. This was achieved by suspended track lighting both direct and indirect spotlighting which is individually dimmed local to each fitting for maximum flexibility within the space.

CCTV  and security systems along with extensive upgrades to fire alarm systems were also carried out to provide a high level of protection throughout the project.