Conisbrough Castle Visitor Centre

The Lodge building was being completely refurbished as well being significantly extended as part of the works which replaced the former visitor centre, a tented structure which was erected in the 1990’s.

The construction works were completed in 2014.

The new Visitor Centre provides a range of facilities to support visitors to Conisbrough Castle including:

  • Ticketing facilities
  • A museum incorporating exhibition and interpretation facilities
  • Education spaces for use by visiting school parties
  • Toilet facilities
  • Offices for EH staff

The Visitor Centre also incorporates facilities used to service and monitor systems within the castle itself.
TGA worked as part of a team led by Purcell Architects.

Mechanical and electrical engineering services within the new Visitor Centre were designed so as to offer a high degree of flexibility in the use of the various spaces, particularly those associated with the exhibition and interpretation of artefacts.

They included new heating and domestic water systems, new electrical services including lighting, automatic fire detection and alarm systems, data and power distribution systems.

Existing utility services which enter the site were rationalised as part of the works.