Project Completion – Port of Tyne Border Control Post


More information can be found on this article: PORT OF TYNE AHEAD OF SCHEDULE WITH BORDER CONTROL POST COMPLETION | Port of Tyne

The Port of Tyne’s new Border Control Post is now completed ahead of schedule at North Shields and is one of the UK’s major deep-sea ports.

£4.2m funding was granted at the end of 2020 to construct border control posts and make improvements to port infrastructure within the UK. The border control facilities will be operational from January 2022.

Kevin Emmett, Head of Infrastructure Developments at Port of Tyne, commented: “The works at the border control post have been designed and constructed to a very high standard within time and budget and have been undertaken in compliance with health and safety regulations throughout. We have completed the project ahead of schedule which has been positively endorsed by the Border Protocol Group Infrastructure Delivery Team. The project team – both internal and external – and the contractor have managed to do a great deal since works began in February.”