TGA are kicking off this sensitive full renovation works for this wonderful and hugely important building in the North East, Redhills.

This is another challenging project, with a lot of upfront feasibilty and energy analysis required to determine the appropriate fabric improvements without compromising the important heritage aesthetics.

Interestingly, the building’s primary heating/cooling energy will be delivered from a closed loop, GSHP system in a bivalent configuration.

Working alongside specialist drilling company GSS Lee Hormell , the works will deliver sustainable, low carbon energy, with the opportunity to increase the borefield array and add further modules at a later date, the start of the clients Net Zero journey!

The use of the GSHP system makes for an interesting case where the heritage and history of this building was at the forefront of mining and burning coal.

This is one of several open/closed loop GSHP schemes we are currently providing our clients with sustainable low/zero carbon building services designs especially for the Heritage/Listed building sector.