TGA qualify in Passive House (February 2020)

Building Performance

Durham based TGA Building Performance specialist, Charlotte Edwards, has qualified as a Passive House Consultant.

Charlotte, who is a key member of TGA’s Building Performance team (TGA|BP) is also a certified non-domestic and domestic Energy Assessor and provides a vital function across all TGA offices, supporting the wider TGA|BP team.

Buildings following Passive House standards are a leading standard in energy efficient construction that are designed and built using efficient components. Aspects such as ‘whole-house’ or building ventilation system are typically incorporated to achieve exceptionally low energy consumption.  In addition to achieving occupant comfort and being healthy and sustainable buildings, a building following Passive House standards can typically achieve energy savings of around 90% when compared to an existing building within the UK.

Dr David Warwick, TGA|BP Technical Director, said: “We are all delighted that Charlotte has taken on this challenge to become Passive House Certified, adding to her skillset and also demonstrating TGA’s overall commitment to sustainability and looking at ways of reducing our impact on the wider construction industry. This puts TGA|BP in a great position to support our existing Clients and hopefully, open up opportunities to gain new Clients.”

Key aspects of ‘Passive House’ include high levels of insulation, concentrating on mitigating any thermal bridges as well as the optimisation of solar gains and exceptional levels of air tightness whilst achieving good indoor air quality. This requires early engagement with the Client and Design Teams to ensure that due consideration is given at the right time, reinforcing the need for early stage engagement of Building Performance specialists.

Charlotte is currently applying her knowledge and understanding of Passive House standards to the Hull Maritime Museum project and the new-build North End Ship Yard (NESY) aspect of the scheme.