Together towards net zero: decarbonising operations and funding

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TGA attended a series of events organised by Durham County Council between the 15th and 30th of June.

The collection of seminars were delivered by multiple speakers with a range of expertise surrounding decarbonising; with the aim to share their knowledge, promote the decarbonisation of businesses located in County Durham and work together towards net zero.

This follows on from the climate emergency Durham County Council declared in 2019, since this they have been committed to becoming a carbon neutral county and council by 2050. To reach this target it’s essential to come together as a county to mitigate the effects of climate change as much as possible.

The council want to demystify the net zero agenda and set out the most effective way combating carbon emissions. There were three events in the series as follows:

  • Business as UNusual- adapting your business to tackle climate change
  • Harnessing the natural environment and sustainable practises for net zero
  • Together towards net zero: decarbonising operations and funding