Construction Life Cycle Assessment Specialists

Building Performance

TGA are pleased to announce our Senior Building Performance Consultant, Charlotte, and Graduate Building Performance Consultant, Sufyan, have both taken part in the OneClick LCA Summer School.

OneClick LCA is a Building Life-Cycle software that is used to assess and to design greener buildings.
Rather than just focusing on operation energy use by buildings, such as lighting and heating systems, OneClick LCA looks at the buildings impact as a whole, from the materials used to build it, to its demolition at end-of-life.

The OneClick LCA Summer School has helped them further improve their knowledge of Embodied Carbon and the Whole Lifecycle process and the required calculations. Topics covered helped solidify their understanding of the impact of the construction sector on the environment, the need for building sustainability, and the regulations driving them. Also covered was the topic of green building certifications and regulations around the globe and how to undertake specific certifications such as BREEAM and LEED. Crucially, the OneClick LCA summer school covers the emerging importance of Embodied Carbon calculations by GLA and other local councils due to the various Climate Emergency Declarations and target to become Net Zero Carbon by 2030.

Sufyan and Charlotte have now both passed the exam which they sat in June 2022, and are now recognised as ‘Construction Life Cycle Assessment Specialists’ in accordance to OneClick LCA.

Congratulations and well done to both!