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During the summer, TGA have been fundraising for the Children’s Heart Unit at the Freeman (CHUF) as a result of one of their Engineers’ little girl being born with a congenital heart defect known as an interrupted aortic arch with a large VSD type B. CHUF is a local charity based at the Freeman Hospital who support children and their families who receive treatment at the Children’s Heart Unit

The Children’s Heart Unit is one of the world’s leading specialist centres for children and babies born with, or who develop, heart conditions. The unit is just one of two in the UK that has the facilities and skills to offer paediatric transplant and bridge to transplant operations. As a result, the Children’s Heart Unit treats critically ill babies and children from across the UK.

Andrew Leask’s little girl Isla was born on Valentine’s Day 2017 and had open heart surgery in the Children’s Heart Unit at one-week old to save her life. Throughout the 6 weeks Isla spent in hospital, she went from PICU to HDU to nursery before being discharged. Isla literally experienced every aspect of the heart unit.

Andrew and his wife Katrina began fundraising when they registered to attend the CHUF Toddle on the 2nd July 2017. After only 10 days of fundraising they had raised over £1,000 through the generosity of their friends, family and colleagues. The current total stands at over £1,200.

Andrew and his wife plan to begin hosting their own events once Isla has had her next and hopefully final heart operation to continue to raise much needed funds for a charity that is now very close to their hearts.