BSc (Hons)


40+ years



Healthcare Specialist

Ed joined TGA in January 2024 to bring the benefit of his 40+ years of electrical engineering experience to support the increasing Health sector portfolio. He started work in the Power industry in the 80s and has worked in several sectors, most recently heading the Newcastle M&E office of a large multinational consultancy.

Ed is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with a particular interest in Healthcare Engineering and is a Fellow of both the IET and IHEEM. He has extensive experience in developing Electrical Infrastructure to support the high levels of resilience that are required for hospitals and at the same time enabling the incorporation of decarbonised energy solutions.

In parallel with his Engineering Career, Ed was in the Royal Naval Reserve, supporting the Royal Navy on a part time basis. Since retiring from that, Ed does voluntary work for the Reserve Forces & Cadets Association and the Marine Society & Sea Cadets charity. He is a Deputy Lieutenant of Tyne & Wear, which leads to some very interesting duties.