New College Durham Continued Work…

TGA have worked on a number of projects in recent years at New College Durham, initiating back in 2017 with the creation and expansion of the technical and practical teaching facilities at the college. This included the extension of the main technical teaching block (STEM), with new construction based practical teaching facilities being provided to allow the migration of these facilities to be moved into the new extension and the existing dated rooms to be repurposed by the refurbishment to expand the colleges practical teaching spaces. As well as serving local needs, the new facilities would help the College achieve wider regional priorities, which are set by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP). The engineering services within the extension were integrated into those provided within the existing buildings which were also be refurbished and enhanced as part of the project. TGA worked alongside Ryder Architecture and Jasper Kerr Consulting Engineering.

More recently TGA worked alongside Ryder Architecture and Jasper Kerr Consulting Engineering for Esh Group and Gemini Mechanical, Electrical & Energy Services, to create the colleges new T Levels teaching facility T.H.E Hub, which completed late 2023. TGA provided MEP design and Building performance support for this project which provides the college with a specialist building to deliver higher and technical level skills qualifications. The facility includes state of the art T level teaching facilities such as an early years foundation stage nursery, a sensory room, a hospital ward, a dental suite, an E-Sports arena, cyber security facilities, specialist I.T. classrooms and science laboratories. In addition, the building has several collaborative and break out spaces for students to work and socialise in a modern environment.

TGA are currently involved in the delivery of an extension to the College off campus by way of repurposing warehouse facilities into additional practical teaching space and student/staff breakout space, allowing the college to continue to deliver high quality practical learning for their student base. TGA are working for Esh Group, Matthew Charlton and Hepple Engineering Services on this project, working with Ryder Architecture and Jasper Kerr Consulting Engineering.

We are also involved in the relocation and modification of the existing car park to accommodate a new 4g floodlit pitch, working with CLS, Ryder Architecture, Jasper Kerr Consulting Engineering.