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    Featured Projects, Specialist Lighting Design, Sport and Leisure

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    The Raby Estate

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  • The Plotters’ Forest, Raby Castle

    TGA Consulting Engineers were engaged by the Raby Estate to work as part of a team on a new major outdoor attraction - The Plotters' Forest Adventure Playground, set within the confines of the historic Raby Castle site.

    Project Summary

    TGA’s M&E team have designed all M&E services and specialist lighting installations to this exciting development, all within the confines of existing trees and natural clearings. The playground is designed to be woven into the forest with care and respect for the natural environment and local wildlife.

    Lighting positions and services are all hidden from view, so the forest truly comes alive after-hours adding layers of mystique. The project includes the illumination of paths and access routes, playground facilities and play structures. Also included within the development is a viewing platform that doubles for star gazing events and a new café and welfare facility.

    Our Specialist Lighting Designers employed a variety of techniques to illuminate the forest with all service positions and fixtures hidden from view.

    Situated within 200 acres of parkland, the design needed to accommodate the local wildlife in particular bats. Walkways have been sensitively illuminated and all of the lighting installation are colour changing so can be tuned to reflect various functions including red light for stargazing events.

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