Brunel University - Wilfred Brown Building

The original 3-storey building was constructed in 1966 and was extended in the 1970’s and again between 1990 and 1995.

The refurbishment of this 3700m2 building includes replacement of the building envelope, the M&E services installations and remodelling of the interior.

The building will achieve a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating including >36% of the un-weighted energy credits through:

  • Effective use of passive, internal climate moderating, design features
  • Natural ventilation to maintain comfortable temperature conditions and air quality
  • Mixed mode ventilation in those spaces which can not be treated by natural means alone
  • Good day lighting in perimeter spaces
  • Exposed concrete surfaces in the occupied spaces, acting as a heat sink in summer
  • Night time ventilation/cooling
  • Effective shading, by careful design of the façade and selection of appropriate glazing
  • The building envelope will be replaced with new, specified with much improved u-values. The building will be highly air-tight, preventing uncontrolled and wasteful air infiltration.

Thermal energy will be delivered to the building by:

  • A single ground source heat pump
  • A wood burning biomass boiler
  • High-efficiency gas-fired condensing boilers

Electrical Energy will be provided by:

  • Grid derived electricity
  • Roof mounted solar photo-voltaic (PV) panels
  • Building integrated PV