Cobalt 14

Cobalt 14 & 16 Independent Certifier, Silverlink North Tyneside


TGA Consulting Engineers LLP were employed by Highbridge Property and North Tyneside Council to assist Copro with Independent Certifier duties in connection with two properties at Cobalt Business Park which are now occupied by North Tyneside Council.


Plot 16 comprised an existing Cat A building which was required to serve as the new council headquarters including Council Chambers. This building was refurbished and extended to serve a wide range of departments and council services.

Plot 14 was then refurbished to house other council departments, with the two buildings sharing IT, security services, Building Energy Management Systems, etc such that the two buildings operate as a single facility.

These projects were part of TGA’s Independent Certifier commissions, covering a range of buildings including mental healthcare, offices, rehabilitation units and Independent Sector Treatment Centre. The role required careful scrutiny of the councils output specification and continuous monitoring of the contractor’s design drawings and site installations to ensure that the finished buildings met the requirements of the users.

As with other Independent Certifier commissions, the regular site inspections of the mechanical and electrical services were critical to the successful handover of the buildings. A team of four engineers were involved during the commissioning period, inspecting the “As Installed” services, records documents and commissioning certificates.