Common Ground in Sacred Spaces – St Nicholas’ Cathedral

year November 2021

category Arts and Culture, Historic Buildings

client The Chapter of St Nicholas’ Cathedral

location Newcastle Upon Tyne

project value £4.5M

TGA were appointed as part of a wider design team to provide Conservation Building Services and Specialist Lighting design for this major redevelopment scheme at St Nicholas Cathedral.

Project Summary

The works comprised internal alterations to provide a more flexible and more community focussed Nave area, including the removal of all pews. New interpretation facilities within the Cathedral were also provided as well as improvements to the connected Cathedral Hall to improve access.

There were further remodelling works to the external areas surrounding the Cathedral, including to the south and east sides to encourage use by the public and enabling events such as markets and open air theatre to be supported.



TGA have developed design information over a number of years in support of this major redevelopment and repurposing of the internal spaces, with underfloor heating being a key part of the internal transformation as the building is almost continually in use and thus can benefit from a relatively slow responding heating system which is able to maintain comfortable conditions throughout the space, efficiently and with little impact on the aesthetics of the space.

Such an approach is also beneficial to the preservation of the porous historic building fabrica and compliments the use of air source heat pumps, operating in a bivalent configuration with conventional gas fired boilers, to supply thermal energy whilst lowering carbon emissions.




Number of years developing the design information

Underfloor heating systems

Specialist lighting design